The Power of Pranayama

The power of Pranayama Whenever the word YOGA hits our ear , a picture of an accomplished yogi comes to mind doing different and more advanced Asanas (postures). A person who is new to this science of yoga may feel very excited and motivated to achieve this pose (advanced asana),he may join the yoga centers or find a teacher to guide him. And luckily one day he finds himself in that pose which made him do the practice. But now the question he may ask to him ,What next? He may either advance his asana practice beyond his natural range of motion (sometimes leading to injuries) or he may take the other way by contemplating on his practice. What does this actually mean to him ? If he takes the latter path he will find himself in the space of expansion because now he is actually trying to move away from the physical body. This is a beautiful journey with lots of explorations. Because since he has established his Asana he can now sit in his comfortable pose ,the physical body has settled dow